34. Aachener Stahlkolloquium 2020

26. - 27. März 2020

steel and more

The HMnS2019 is the fourth international conference covering all scientific and technical aspects of medium and high Mn steels. After the success of the previous HMnS conferences in Seoul (2011), Aachen (2014) and Chengdu (2016) the HMnS2019 will return to Aachen, Germany. Here, the twelve-year long collaborative research center (SFB) 761 on Mn steels “Steel - ab initio. Quantum mechanics guided design of new Fe based materials” with about 20 research groups at the RWTH Aachen University and the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung (MPIE) comes to an end. Therefore, we intend to offer an international forum on high Mn steels.


Medium and high Mn steels exhibit complex deformation mechanisms leading to an extraordinary combination of mechanical properties. Austenitic single-phase high Mn steels and multi-phase medium Mn steels between 3 to 30 wt.% Mn will be addressed to cover the ongoing scientific and industrial develop-ments in the design and processing of Mn-rich high-strength steels. The HMnS2019 will bring together international scientists and engineers to discuss the understanding of the underlying physical phenomena and possible answers to relevant technical challenges.


We intend to address participants from both industry and scientific institutions. Oral sessions will range from fundamental aspects to final application. In addition, a conference tour, included in the program, will introduce various institutes and facilities in the high tech engineering city Aachen and the future of production within the context of industry 4.0 at RWTH Aachen University.

as cast microstructure with dendrites in HMnS
as cast microstructure with dendrites in HMnS